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At The Children’s Therapy & Learning Center, we strive to develop a knowledgeable community of professionals, educators, families, and friends, working together to understand and support all children with special needs and learning differences.

We encourage everyone to become aware of signs and “red flags,” and to learn how to work with these special children. It is up to us to teach and to make life simpler for them through a supportive, caring, and nurturing environment that enables them to reach their greatest potential.

Kari has lectured extensively at educational and association conferences, professional and teacher in-service trainings, and parent groups locally, nationally, and internationally. Through The Children’s TLC, Kari offers a variety of workshops that are designed to be informative and interactive, providing participants with practical, hands-on activities to incorporate immediately at home, school, or in the community!

Workshop Topics Include, but are not limited to:

  • One Child at a Time: A hands-on workshop to identify and decrease the probability of sensory, motor and attention deficits, while improving the brain's plasticity
  • How Do I Know if a Child Could Benefit from Occupational Therapy?
  • Your Child's Development and its Impact on Learning
  • What is Sensory Processing Disorder & How Do I Identify and Help These Children in My Classroom?
  • Suitcase of Successful Strategies (SSS) for Parents & Professionals Living and Working with Children with a Sensory Processing Disorder
  • What are the Red Flags of Fine and Visual Motor Delays & How Do I Help These Children in My Classroom?
  • Visual – Vestibular Screening and Treatment to Improve Children’s Performance
  • Promoting a Child's Fine and Visual Motor Development from Head to Toe
  • Common Occupational Therapy Needs in Children of Multiple Births
  • How Best to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten and the Early Elementary Years
  • What is SPD & How Does it Relate to Selective Mutism?
  • Handwriting Without Tears Workshop for Teachers
  • Whole Food Nutrition: Redefining How You Feed Your Family
  • Healing Diets for Special Needs

To schedule a workshop, please call or contact Kari Thompson, OTD, OTR/L, BCP, CAS, SWC, CLE, CIMI at (208) 957-6301 or kari@childrenstlc.com.


Read this enlightening story in Eagle Magazine by The Children’s TLC parent Jason Baumgartner—Progress: The New Perfect. 

My name is Emily and I love going to The Children's Therapy & Learning Center. I call it "Fun Gym" because it is so fun. I really love playing on the huge playscape! I used to not be able to talk to other people, but now it is lots better because of all the help I get there. Whenever I have a problem, like not being able to write neatly or jump rope like the other girls, they can always help me with it. I love Fun Gym!
Emily, 10-year-old girl

My daughter was diagnosed with autism, sensory integration, ADD, and coordination disorder. We met with many specialists and tried many things. It wasn't until we found Dr. Kari Thompson and The Children's Therapy & Learning Center that we knew everything would be okay.

Not only was Kari's assessment of my daughter spot on, it helped us understand her needs in ways that no one else had. Kari attended our school IEP meetings as a specialist and advocate and, wow, did they go differently with her there! She also took extensive time to help and train me as a parent on ways to keep the therapies from OT going at home. I love having the tools and perspective to help my child more effectively!

Our daughter has made huge strides in her struggles with handwriting, fine motor skills, balance/coordination, and academics. She has also had the opportunity to work with other children and develop strategies for improved social interaction and confidence.

Every therapist we have worked with has been intuitive and genuinely invested in our daughter's success. We have gone twice a week for 6 years and our daughter is still eager to go. The activities are always new, personalized, fun, and so very effective! I know that with Dr. Kari Thompson and The Children's Therapy & Learning Center I will always have the knowledge and support that I need to help my daughter reach her goals and potential. I can't say enough about the blessing it has been in our life!
Amy, mother of 10-year-old

The Children's TLC is fantastic! Kari Thompson is truly one of the best in her field.  Her initial evaluation is very thorough and she has a gift for knowing what the child needs. The therapists are all very good at what they do. They do not waste time in the therapy sessions and take notes every time so that everyone is on the same page with your child. After every therapy session, the therapists tell you exactly what they did, why they did it, and how your child did.  My son (age 7 with Autism) has made huge improvements since starting at The Children's TLC. His sensory system is way more organized. The sensory diet he gets from Occupational Therapy makes all the difference. His behavior has gotten better at home and in public, he has finally started to be able to start reading, socially he has made significant improvements, and his handwriting has improved. My son is more aware of his surroundings and is able to communicate his needs more effectively. Occupational Therapy from The Children's TLC has become very essential to my son's ability to function. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking to help their child function. Thank you, The Children's TLC!
Lydia, mother of 7-year-old

Finding a team of experienced Occupational Therapists in the Boise area has been such a blessing to our son and family. Kari Thompson and her staff have not only been knowledgeable, but caring and compassionate. The challenges we've faced as parents, and the challenges my son faces regularly dealing with ADHD and sensory processing disorder are difficult, for sure. It gives me a lot of peace to know that he's working with people who know and care so much. My son has only been receiving OT for one year and a half, and already the difference in his behaviors and skills are amazing! I can't thank them enough for all they've taught us and the difference it's making in my son's life.
Dannielle, mother of 6-year-old

I have been taking my two boys to The Children's Therapy & Learning Center for a little over 4 months. My 4-and-a-half year-old is diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). When we first took him to the center, he was banging his head, rubbing his hands against everything, and conversations were difficult. He now has the perfect place to get the stimulation that he is seeking. He has stopped head banging and touching everything. Kari gave me a list of items to purchase to help him at home or in school with his sensory issues, and she gives me great information on how I can do things at home using items I already have. My son is also getting speech here, and now he is learning his colors and identifying them. He has learned to have a brief conversation with me instead of just repeating what I say.

My three-and-a-half year-old used to have major tantrums, and we couldn't understand why. He received an evaluation at The Children's TLC, and we discovered that he has a mild sensory issue. Since he has been attending OT, he no longer has serious tantrums and he's learning how to cope through his "play" with the amazing staff.

As for the staff here, I call them my Guardian Angels. They are extremely understanding when it comes to dealing with tough issues with kids who have a hard time dealing with themselves. After each session, the therapists talk with me, and if I need to ask questions, they always have the answers or find the answers. I would recommend them, 100 percent, to any parent who has a child or teen needing help in understanding who they are and how they can feel better about themselves.
Crystal, mother of 4- and 3-year-olds

The Children's Therapy and Learning Center has provided an incredibly positive experience for our family. All three of our children are receiving occupational therapy at The Children's TLC, and each started at different ages and stages of development.

We work regularly with four different therapists, and every therapist I have encountered at The Children's TLC is exceptionally compassionate and sincerely caring about the progress and well-being of the children with whom they work. My children have each made incredible progress in the areas they are working on.

My only "regret" is that I did not start my eldest child at The Children's TLC years earlier. Our pediatrician recommended occupational therapy for several years before we finally started. Now that we are nearly two years in, I see that if we had started sooner, a great number of my child's frustrations could have been alleviated earlier in his life. He deals with sensory differences and is learning the skills to face the world with tools to handle its challenges. He recognizes when he needs a little extra help feeling in control of himself. It is exciting to see him feeling better about himself in difficult moments.

When it became apparent that our almost 3-year-old child would benefit from occupational therapy, I started him quickly because I didn't want to feel like I had lost the years of help as we had with our first. It is exciting to see him progressing even more quickly than our eldest has, since he started sooner! I am seeing first-hand how important early intervention is for any need a child may have. My 3-year-old has been doing OT for only a few months, and I see a huge reduction in his daily frustrations and aggressive meltdowns.

Our daughter started therapy at 9 months old. She had significant eating struggles and was behind in gross motor and other skills. Starting her so young was a little tough, but she has made incredible and rapid progress. It has been thrilling to see her catching up to where she needs to be. I am so very grateful for the compassionate help she is receiving.

I also appreciate the professional and consistent administrative support from The Children's TLC. While being a compassionate location for therapies, they also run well as a business. Calls and emails are returned promptly and administrative communication is great. I never feel lost or ignored as a client. When I have insurance or scheduling questions or concerns, I can easily navigate the questions with the office staff or therapists as needed.

Finally, I feel encouraged and supported as a parent. When one of my children is having an extra challenging day, the therapists affirm me as a mom, offering huge encouragement on tough days!

I strongly recommend The Children's TLC because our experience has been so amazing. I have watched each of my children make such great progress and integrate the skills they learn into their daily lives.
Selena, mother of a 6-, 3-, and 1-year-old

My son says, "I love to go there! It’s making me get stronger!" He has felt comfortable at the center since his initial evaluation, which says so much for the instructions and environment that has been created for these kids! The new clinic is fantastic, with so much more room for the children’s individual activities. Rachel and Kari are awesome and give my son the attention he needs each and every session. We look forward to many more successes and triumphs!
Heather, mother of 8-year-old

I've noticed that it's easier than it used to be to read and understand directions in school. I also feel much better about school. I can process fast; it didn't used to 'click' like it does now. And I know it's because of PACE and OT. I feel confident and happy, and I fit in.
Bella, 13-year-old girl

We've seen so many areas of improvement since starting at The Children's TLC, that there isn't the space to list them all here. I can tell all of the therapists have been hired selectively and given quality and training and guidance. Everyone is so friendly, and Kari is incredibly knowledgeable. I truly feel my son is in good hands. That's coming from a protective mom who usually stays present during therapies. I hold a lot of gratitude in my heart for this center.
Terri, mother of 8-year-old

I like coming here because I get to see Lori, and she makes me work. I think I have gotten better at spelling, because Lori makes me practice every day.
Mackenzie, 11-year-old girl

We have been coming to The Children's TLC for more than 3 years, and we are very impressed with the quality of therapy they have provided our son. The therapists are very professional, approachable and understanding. Each therapist we have worked with has been well trained and very knowledgeable. Hands down—this is the best center in the Treasure Valley!
Jennifer, mother of 13-year-old

The Children's TLC has been such a blessing to our family. We have three very unique and wonderful children who have all been given the skills and ability to grow in so many areas. 

My daughter at age 13 was able to close a large gap in her auditory and visual learning ability through the AMPS program.   My middle son has grown and been able to conquer so much over the last four years with sensory, anxiety, and OCD troubles. All the loving and knowledgeable therapy that Kari, Aaron and their amazing therapists have provided have made it easier for our son to be free to be himself.   

My youngest son went into first grade able to read only 10 words per minute.  He started working through the PACE program and came out reading 70 words per minute.  This has allowed him to stay with his grade level and he continues to progress and benefit from both PACE and therapy sessions for ADHD.

Our family couldn't be happier to have found Children's Therapy and Learning Center!
Crystal, mother of 13-, 9-, and 7-year-old

I think this therapy is helping me out A LOT! It helps my brain "work out." At school, I think better now. The new clinic is perfect for me.
Alex, 15-year-old

Thank you for helping me with PACE. You are a great occupational therapist!
Anonymous child


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